Super Bowl 51 Sunday and it is cold and dreary outside and it caused me to think about all the things for which I have to be grateful...such as four really great grands through the late Elton Upshaw, the Rosemary and Randy Ewing family, six top notch grands through the Pat Anderson family and the Lord at my side continuously. I am greatful for olifelong friends of Christian, Catholic and Jewish faiths, a 100-year-old cottage-home we love, plenty of food, yard flowers, and Bible Study Fellowship that is such a blessing in my life. Bitsie Beene is a super leader and just this week, old friend, Oreda DeBurr, helped me solve a problem.

Those readers who have known me 76 years, are privy to the fact that my life has had some big challenges many of which are my own mistakes. Three and one half years ago, however, we faced my third bout with breast cancer, this time Stage 4 on the chest wall. Analysis showed hundreds of templets of cancer cells in the liter and 1/2 of fluid drawn from my chest wall! My great physician and researcher, Dr. Scott Barron, said in the presence of close friend, Linda Reeves, “I thought you were eaten up with cancer. You have inoperable, incurable cancer; however, it is treatable and I think we can manage it!” So, I am blessed to say that 3 1/2 years later, I feel the best I have since the Stage 4 cancer diagnosis. One of the scriptures that I have depended on is Romans 5: 3-5...

“More than that, we should rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.” Praise the Lord! He can and will renew us daily just for the asking.

Last evening we rejoiced with the Trey Nelsons, Dave Cattars, and the Ricky Caples families with the lovely wedding of Anna Nelson and Hall Caples. St. Matthew Catholic Church was the magnificent setting for the so special marriage sacrament.

True friends help us when we are down and so it is with sadness that we note the passing of big Alymer or “Pops” Montgomery. He was the finest kind of man who did some extraordinary things for us.

Baton Rouge grandson, Adam Upshaw Lewis, asked his date, Julia LeBlanc, to the formal in an unusual way. He went to the LSU Lab School office and asked the principal to call Julia to the office and reprimand her for the over use of social media in school. Julia was near tears when Adam appeared from the closet to ask her to the formal. Out of the box good thinking!!!

Anna Claire Seymour shared her condo in SanDestin for several friends to go to a bridge tournament there before her children sell the property. Madeleine Walker, Michele Brown, Dianne Walters and I had a ball playing, winning and eating at all the great places in the SanDestin Market area. Many thanks to Claire Seymour Ward who made it all possible. Ed Seymour recommended the neatest FRENCH bistro, “Vin tij!” Don’t miss if you are in that area!

Close friends, Polly and Butch Depuy have two June weddings with grands, Becca and Daniel.

The great pre-game interview with Bill O’Reilly and President Trump was excellent for our new president was prepared and specific with his answers. Mr. Bush ‘41’ and Barbara were honored on the field and “41” flipped the coin.

The game made history with a 32-32 tie and was the first overtime, come from behind game (28-3) in hazing ending with Tom B lzrady leading the Patriots to their historic 5th SB victory! Yea!

Let’s always remember that we don’t have the power to change things but our God does,

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