As we begin the new year with Jesus, the Christ, He gives us new life that no doubt or opposition can suppress. We can count on Him!

Garrett Taylor, 5th grade student at Jesus the Good Shepherd School in Monroe was awarded student of the year honors. Congrats to grands, Virginia and Thomas Eddleman. Garrett was selected based on strong academic performance and leadership skills!

Great news from Neville High: the Quizbowl Team under the direction of sponsors Katherine Dixon Sandifer and Karari Hanks, is headed to Chicago in May for the national finals. Some on the team are names whose families have contributed to our community and Neville significantly: Laura Lynne Fincher of the Kilpatrick clan, Maisy Liles of the doctors Liles, young Ralph Brockman of the Jan, Diane and Ann West Ledoux family, Darrius Washington who scored a perfect 36 on the ACT, Katherine Burkett, Lucy Sartor of the Sartors who are doctors and lawyers.

The group has written a cookbook, Tiger Treats for $15 each and needs our support to make the trip! The front cover of the book is awesome with a photo of Neville in the snow! All of Mrs. Dana Jefferson’s great family lasagna and spaghetti recipes are included. We shall be eagerly waiting news and congratulations!

Many thanks to Ronda and Marty Herlevic who hosted a fabulous rehearsal dinner for Ainsley and Vincent Herlevic at Bayou Landing! It was so highly organized with seating charts, calligraphy names and both filet or salmon as dinner choices! They just know how to do things the best! The highlight of the evening were videos of Ainsley and Vincent put to great music by talented Maggie Derry!

Jesus, the Christ, transforms us through His power and great compassion. Let’s trust Him to change us for the good.

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