Wednesday last, we  had an exciting visit with 14 1/2-year-old Seth Ward of West Monroe who has an incurable Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a rare neuromuscular genetic disorder, in which he will lose muscle function in his heart and lungs.

He so surprised me for I did not expect a handsome, articulate and very smart young man who candidly told me that he knows and loves the Lord. Currently he goes to Cincinnati Children's Hospital; however, there is no cure or treatment protocol but they are researching it. Local physicians told his lovely mom, Lori Watkins Ward, to just take him home and love him. Lori got to work!

Seth is so accomplished and simply remarkable.  In 2015, he was named to the National Middle School Boys Choir and he excels at Good Hope Middle in math with a 4.0 GPA. He  is interested in political science, and with his friends, he is the Xbox king! In fact, Microsoft has a character named for him,  Seth the Sorcerer, in the game, Project Spark!  

Astounding is his fantastic service dog, Presley, a golden doodle from a liter of 50's rock star names from Canine  Assistants in Alpharetta, Ga.!  See photo as Presley is 5-years-old and had been with Seth four years. A superb conversationalist, Seth shared that he loves LSU football!  The LSU-Bama game on Nov. 4th, is projected to be the No. 1 game in the country this season.

Challenges at schools everywhere include emergency access if a fire should happen or worse and handicapped access. These are situations we educators talk about but fail to make certain the protocols are in place unless it affects us personally! Let's make sure we have a process in place at all of our schools.

At the end of our interview, Seth surprised me. He stood up and escorted me to my car and opened the heavy SUV door. 

Seth, your life is setting the highest standard! You are not letting MS define who you are and your actions give hope for all of us! It is such a privilege to call you friend! Kudos to Lori, grandmom Connie and the late Ed Watkins, and Presley for a job well done!

Frances Altick, granddaughter of the late Louise and Jim, is playing tennis on the pro circuit, having graduated from Vanderbilt this May. She and her Dores Doubles Partner are undefeated and just won big in Belgium. See photo!

Carolyn Smith gave me the name of a great book that all might want to read: Dispatches from Pluto by Richard Grant. The topic is the heart of the Mississippi Delta and racism in America.  

Linda Reeves’ favorite is, All Over But the Shoutin’ by Rick Bragg, who grew-up dirt poor in northern Alabama but had a mom who did not have a new dress in 18 years to feed and clothe her family.

Rick won a  Pulitzer Prize with the story of his life.

Great news for the children and our community from MCSB who extended Dr. Brent Vidrine's contract.

It has been refreshing to hear and see the outstanding children of Donald Trump! Their poise and speaking skills are fantastic and their education and training are superior.  It is difficult to achieve the work ethic in children of privilege. They have not had to worry about food, clothing, shelter, security... but sometimes love (time) from parents is sparse.  It seems, that  more than the basic needs have been met! Can Trump do for our country what he has done with his restoration and rebuilding of Manhattan? Can he lead this nation as he has led his highly successful family?

Today, in tough times, we must have hope for a better future. We have so many who have tried to make a difference for good and have had bad things happen. We must have an environment of respect, unity and peace in our communities and move forward! May we feel content with the love that our God promises us, remembering to do for others and always be kind. My friends, Dianne and Mike Cage, reach out and make things better.

May God bless America and may the Lord bless you today and always.

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