Speaking of life's challenges, Rosemary Upshaw Ewing always says, “This too shall pass!”  

The August issue of Town and Country is one of the best to read! In it "Neither triumphs nor disasters last forever." — Helen Mirren from her commencement speech at Tulane.

Thinking of the speech of President Donald Trump in Poland which was a great Reaganism, then the meeting at the G20 summit of world leaders in Hamburg, Germany... with rioting in the streets and now the North Korea's successful launching of an ICBM which could hit Alaska or San Francisco, what happens next? The meeting of the president with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin was scheduled for 30 minutes and actually lasted two hours and 15 minutes. Melania Trump was sent to end the session. The Iraqi prime minister announces victory from militants in Mosul so it may be a good week.

Do watch the Wimbledon Championship tennis on channel 217.  Research is showing that Venus Williams did not cause the accident that killed an older man.

Monroe’s lovely Louise Mock, Pat and I traveled to Fort Worth, Texas, to the after-party of the London wedding of Katherine Butler and Justin Mitchell in the magnificent home of Charlotte and Houston Kauffman. The setting was perfect on their hillside home with thunder and showers in the background and valet parking for guests! Two levels of outside patios overlooked the city of Fort Worth. The flowers were magnificent and consisted of peonies, roses, tulips, hydrangeas and all our favorites. The home has outstanding art that is of museum quality! The food and fellowship were tops wth crab cakes, asparagus wrapped in phyllo, roast beef, ham, and turkey sliders, fried macaroni and cheese bites, almond cookies, lemon loves and chocolate brownies. Pat said there were two kinds of food: “good and better.” The featured libation was Pim’s Cup in honor of the couples’ London wedding, along with champagne, wine and spirits! Katherine, a Tri Delta from UT, has an MBA from Rice and Justin, LSU law, where he is already on the board of his firm specializing in maritime investments with headquarters in the Netherlands.

After a fabulous honeymoon to Paris, Rome, the Amalfi coast, and Capri, the couple will reside in Houston. Sunday morning we were visiting with friends coming in and out, while Patsy served a great breakfast buffet!

Sally and Tom Rainer of Houston stopped by and I asked her to take a picture with my camera hoping she knew how to manage my IPhone 6-plus... she answered, “surely” and proceeded to take the photo! Then Patsy again introduced me to the precious Sally, who is the President of Entergy, Texas! WOW, and was a Kappa at LSU! She is one of five Entergy presidents and the only woman.

Nothing helps us in life better than trusting in God with all our hearts, minds and strength! 

Ask His help and if the request concurs with His will for us, we can count on Him. 

Sending God's love,

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