Let's strive to be a blessing to our family, friends, church and community! Writing now at the courthouse as while waiting for jury service.

Arthur Ashe, tennis great, said... “God if I said, why me in the tough times, should not I say, God, why me in the good times?”

God made so many fabulous covenants with us in both the Old Testament and the New Testament on which we can count, but one he did not make is that we would not face troubling times! We know that it is not what problems we face, but how we choose to handle the problems. Most challenges we handle on our own, but we are never ever as strong as when we are working together with God!

The Becca and Deano Casola wedding at Squire Creek was so special... the setting with June breezes and a huge brown cross, covered with white lilies, roses and magnolias, was the focal point for 600 seated guests. One of our favorite voices, Ann Marie Cash, sang one beautiful song/hymn after another until the wedding began. It was like attending a fabulous outdoor concert!

Pastor Michael Wood said, “the amazing thing is that Deano loves the Lord first and Becca is second in his life.” The reception at Squire Creek was “top drawer!” The really fun event was the dance routine between father, Stanley Dupuy and newlywed daughter, Becca! It was so good that the video went viral and they have had more than 12,000-plus views. What a great marriage sacrament and fun event! We know God wants us to have fun and live life to the fullest!

Faithfulness to God requires faith even during the tough times and especially then!

The 22nd Annual Ruple-Brown Golf Tournament was played Friday last at BDCC. It was great seeing Truman Van Veckhoven, Hunt, Dr. Kevin Haynes, Glen Eskew, Stuart Hill, Jeff Laudenheimer, Rick Guillot, Bill Ledoux, Polly and Amy Dupuy, Joy McElroy, and Linda Hobson to name a few! There were 58 golf teams and the Championship Flight winners were:

lst place: Gaylord Burrows and Brian Dean (58);

2nd place: Mark Kent Anderson and Zach Kirksey,


3rd place: Darrell Craft and Dan Martisus, (62);

Closest to the Hole Winners were:

#8: Joey Brodtman;

#9: Trent Crawford;

#15: Jimmy Johnson;

# 17: Mark Kent Anderson;

Longest drive: Zach Kirksey;

Senior longest drive: Bob Cooper

What fun we’ve had enjoying the Super Regional Baseball tournament from Alex Box Stadium! Saturday night's nail biter against Miss. State was 4-3 for LSU! Sunday night’s game, was another fantastic game with an after 1 a.m. ending with an LSU 14-4 win against Miss. State! So for LSU, it is Geaux Tigers on to the College World Series in Omaheaux! It will be LSU vs. Florida State in first round!

Great news for Brian Pearson of WMHS, grandson of Neville classmate, Alice Pearson, who has been named Louisiana’s Baseball Gatorade Player of the Year. He has a 500-plus batting average, an LSU scholarship as well as being a MLB draftee! Congratulations and we’ll watch to see which choice he makes.

Dear Lord, we are trusting in you for all things and for all times remembering to do for others as we would like them to do for us,

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