Martha Jane Anderson

One of our favorite scriptures is from Galatians 5: 22-23...

“For the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, forebearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.”

The families of Marty, Rhonda and Maureen Herlevic are celebrating, their son and grandson, Dr. Vincent Herlevic, who was awarded the Outstanding Resident in the Department of Internal Medicine at LSU-Shreveport. He was selected by the faculty and voted by his peers! What an honor for him to receive this distinction. He missed the awards ceremony for he was at the hospital on call, with no clue he was on the agenda. My only granddaughter, Ainsley Scott Anderson, Rosemary and Mark's daughter, is planning a December 31st wedding to this truly fine young man! All are blessed who know his character and his work ethic!

Twin-Cities' family and friends of the late Gwen Henry Hardy and Bill, were in Madisonville for the lovely wedding of Mary-Martin France to Brandon Nicholson.  The beautiful bride's regal gown was highlighted by lilies of the valley entwined in her hair and cascading down her back...just gorgeous! Bo and Catherine Hardy's son, Will Hardy, spoke on behalf of his family as part of the wedding ceremony. Deidre and Michael Henry, Sam IV and twin, Pam Henry Brawner, were all there. Then on to the most spectacular wedding reception in Covington at the bride's home in Whiskey Oaks. The venue was magnificent  among centuries old live oak trees that provided a sparkling canopy over the entire setting. The oaks were lighted with chandeliers hanging from the huge limbs, with baskets of white roses, flowers, ivy and ferns placed in dramatic ways so that we were just spellbound upon arrival at the estate. There were five wonderfully lighted houses with a welcoming atmosphere that greeted us as guests arrived on six luxury coaches that drove us around the horseshoe lane and to the front of Kendra and Kyle France's wonderfully lighted white clapboard Classic home. Carole and Tex Kilpatrick, Lillian and  Herschel Gentry, Shearon and Sam Henry arrived first in a limo.  Urns of incredible white flowers greeted guests as we stepped from our bus to yards of wide ivory carpet which made the walk around the gardens to the sumptuous food and the wedding cakes easy for guests to access. The most magnificent garland of roses that one can imagine was swagged across the front portico of the home. Waiters greeted guests with champagne, bite sized crab cakes and shrimp hors d'oeuvres with aioli sauce. Just delicious!

The BRW Band from Nola played every favorite song of the bride and guests, including the 75-year-old-plus group. Wooden floors were installed under a lighted shell tier and guests danced from 7:30 p.m. until midnight. Food stations were ladened with oysters and all different toppings, beef tenderloin, miniature crepes topped with crab salad, sliced pork from a rack, Cajun gumbo, crawfish etouffee,  shrimp and grits,  fruit and European style cheeses. Top shelf libations were served from five stations manned by three servers per station. A really neat thing was the beautiful French leather furniture grouped on the front lawn for seating and visiting... it worked beautifully! Lovely Aubrey Laborde, whose family lived in the Whiskey Oaks development, shared the couple's honeymoon plans to Thailand. A real treat finale were the hot cheeseburger sliders served to the guests. This was truly a wedding reception for the ages. Our group of Linda Reeves, Sally Marchman Calvert and Ainsley Upshaw Lewis were the last to say goodbye to the couple, knowing that our friend Gwen, was “dancing in heaven!”

Reflecting on fabulous Monroe weddings, we must include Sophie Laudenheimer at the Temple downtown, Dee

McDonald Ledbetter, Robin Kilpatrick  Fincher, Anna Kate Watson Tonore, Dawn Rivers Sarasin, Robin Rivers Daly in the Bahamas, Annaleise Reeves Thomas in Nola, Arabella Montgomery Moore, Karen Ledoux Stinson, Ashley Ewing Manning at Quitman, Susan Wolff Snyder, Michelle Herold, Laura Troy Kaplan and Vee Troy Yaccino in Taos, Amanda Cudd Schermer in Taos, Dianne King Cage, Holly Husted Campbell, and the double wedding of Gretchen Masur Dean and Jackie Masur McElhaney, just to name a few.  Monroe hosts know how and what to do!

Close friend, Madeleine Walker, was honored by the Duplicate Bridge League for earning her Life Master's status. She credits Rosemary Luffey for getting her back to duplicate bridge. Everything was coming up daisies for Madeleine as friends made  her party special. Anna Claire Seymour cooked her family specialty from Cotton Country Collection, the best Cannelloni ever! Dianne Walters was our committee director and banker. Anna Claire did the grocery shopping, and Terri Trammell, Dianne Walters and I helped Anna and Margaret Clark with the cooking.  Skye Parrish made her fabulous sourdough bread that was the best. Wendy King Gray brought refreshments, and Karen Haik took photos for the book of fun memories. Talented Kerstin Pohlman did her flower magic with daisies and tall green Belles  of Ireland... just great! The team who played with Madeleine to win her gold points included: Irene Richardson, Skye Parrish  Dianne Walters and Yvonne Armstrong.  The team played 192 hands in three days, winning 37 gold points. Congratulations to Madeleine who is a great wife to George, beloved  mother of three, a quilter extraordinaire, a PEO President, and now an accomplished bridge player.

What about prayer in our lives?  Prayer is a way of talking to God, thanking Him for our blessings, asking for His will to be done in our lives, seeking His forgiveness of our sins and trusting Him for courage and hope in handling the challenges of our daily lives. He is always right there for us, just for the asking!

Have a great week with God in the plan,

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