The days have been glorious the last week of April and first of May in our Monroe!

What a fun time to have Sunday Barbecue Rib Supper at Loretta Rivers’ new great house in la Louisianne. The new moon was as fantastic as the food and setting! I read that one can see the soul of a person by her garden! Whatever Loretta does, it is always the best! From starched crinoline white petticoats, running fast, playing top drawer bridge, to decorating her new home, and too of course, her children!

When we are tempted to walk in fear, we can walk with courage for our God is here! We can forever trust His character and His love for us for He created us and died on the cross for our mistakes! All He wants from us is an ask from Him to see us through this life!

Invitations are in the mail for the engagement celebration for Katie Perret and Christian Sager. We have followed Christian’s football career at ULL and are proud for Dawn, Harlan and Granny, Norene Smith!

The Children’s Museum’s Annual home tour and luncheon for patrons was Saturday with four great houses for us to see and enjoy! A new idea was for the realtors’ to recommend their favorite “good buy” on the North Monroe market! Niven Morgan, the Dallas icon of fragrances, was the guest speaker and Cory Bahr was guest chef with Bruce McKoin and Ferrial Willis making it all work well for guests.

Stacey and Leigh Ann Goff hosted my favorite evening of the year at their lovely Georgian Mansion on Park Avenue that they call home on Friday last to honor our guest speaker.

Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities will honor Rosemary Upshaw Ewing and Randy for their Institutional Support at the Annual Awards Banquet! What an outstanding honor for north Louisiana’s ideal family and friends! So proud of Randy and Rose’s willingness to give back to their “roots!” Their support of the LEH and its initiative in the Head Start Program is amazing and we say, many thanks!

Hope you’ve not had the hang on cough that I’ve experienced, but if you have, Delsym over the counter, Vic’s over the back and front chest areas, Dr. Tichenor’s over the counter gargle, and one’s best pain remedy all at the same time! I finally slept like a baby!

One of the finest and best food luncheon’s was Big Ed Seymour’s Birthday on Friday last at BDCC. The guests had Tiffany engraved name cards, a hand printed menu of favorite food including: Spring Mixed Salad topped with Lump Crabmeat and Vinaigrette Dressing, Entree’ was choice of Filet, Grilled Redfish with lump crabmeat and Hollandaise Sauce, Large Lump Crab cake with Orange Chipotle’s Sauce, Steamed Asparagus, Scalloped Potatoes and our favorite Creme Brulee.’ Simply tops!

The Potpourri Book Club celebrated Spring 2018, at the wonderfully decorated home and gardens of Linda and Terry Reeves on Deborah Drive. Martha Hayden Woods gave a great review of Galveston’s disastrous flood. Dianne Cage presented the Anne Nielsen book, “Angels in Our Midst,” in loving memory of Suzanne Brown Wolff to her daughter, Susan Brown Snyder. The book will be placed in the Ouachita Parish Library this week!

We must share that the young and highly touted Neville Girls’ Tennis Team won the coveted 2018 State Championship this week! Congratulations to the Goffs, Finchers and Grahams whose daughters were part of the 4A state championship team! This is a great variable that will keep these girls connected forever! We are so happy for the solid team effort!

News from LSU Commencement is that the Faculty Achievement Award in Accounting went to our own Neville graduate, Layne Fincher, Tri Delta daughter of Robin Kilpatrick Fincher and Michael Fincher. We are so happy for the family! “The acorn did not fall far from the tree.”

Let’s give our best excellence in all that we do and say and put on the whole armor of God...

Martha Jane

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