From Matthew 6:26… Look at the birds. They don't plant or harvest or store food in barns for our heavenly Father feeds them. And aren't we far more valuable to Him than they? The doves, sparrows, blue jays,  orioles, cardinals, and redheaded woodpeckers  in our yard truly speak of God's fabulous creations, for most of us are not adorned like one of these!

A prominent West Monroe  group of ladies formed the first book club back in 1939, and named it  after an Indian word, Bobashela, as that word meant, "good friends." That group of ladies has reached the fourth generation of descendants and friends! See photos...

We've lost a fun friend and one of Monroe's prettiest in the recent passing of June Griffin Ellis, mother of Terri Trammell, Jerri Ellis Tennis, John and Robert Ellis. June spent the last days of her life living in the Francis Towers and so enjoyed being there. She told the manager, Karen, one day that she had some of the best memories of the Cherokee Terrace on the top floor of the Francis Hotel. On every Saturday, many danced the night away until 2 a.m. The big name bands came to downtown Monroe and there was an intermission at midnight when the crowd rushed out to seek "refreshments."  We will be sharing some of June's great memories about which she wrote in future columns concerning  the excitement in downtown Monroe.

June's eldest daughter and close bridge friend, Terri Trammell, was honored at the loveliest birthday luncheon we've attended in the Deborah Drive home of Michelle Brown.  Michelle had fresh pink tulips for the occasion everywhere. The special menu included chicken salad, fresh fruit, asparagus, Neiman Marcus orange soufflé,

BDCC cheese logs and a homemade chocolate and white Daubage cake on antique china. Champagne and libations of choice were served in Waterford crystal with monogrammed linen napkins and Grande Baroque silver! The party was truly magnificent. See photo!

Tuesday evening was so special for Crossroads Garden Club at the fine home of Sue McGinn in La Louisiane. The menu included cream cheese dip topped with pecans, fabulous shrimp pasta, fresh fruit, asparagus spears and homemade ice cream served between Ginger Snaps garnished with fresh mint! Hostesses for the wonderful evening included Dian Ritter, Kay McCue McDonald, Annetta Hill, Carolyn Rester, Barbara Estis and Sue. What a special evening with great friends!

Pat and I went to Baton Rouge to celebrate daughter, Ainsley's 49th birthday and to see our grandson, Adam Upshaw Lewis, play in the University High spring football game where he intercepted a pass and scored.  The older brother, LSU sophomore, John Lewis, made a 4.0 GPA in accounting. Jason Lewis grilled steaks and asparagus and served that with double stuffed potatoes. Dessert was Baum's white almond flavored birthday cake topped with Dom Perignon champagne.

On Saturday we had a lunch of crab stuffed avocados and fresh fruit with great sourdough bread at the Baton Rouge Country Club outside on the back gallery. The party included Riley and Shannon McKernan, Laura Holloway Field, Ainsley and me! 

Annwood and Darryl Jenkins had us by their lovely home on Crest Court for the best frozen fruit pie topped with fresh strawberries. Annwood had a special arrangement of white hydrangeas, ivy and greenery on her table. The weather was perfect for the weekend! The Jenkins and the Jack Files’ grandsons have both graduated with terminal degrees and Will Jenkins has accepted a job in Austin.

Good news for Edward J. Seymour IV., who received a $100,000 scholarship to Tulane!  The Seymours’ grandson, Ryan S. Ward, just received his MBA from Tulane! Congrats to all!

If someone missed the great news, Duke University  is stopping the growth of many cancers using a modified polio virus... Research is on the fast track!

And the wise know to get up, dress up, show up and never, ever give up! We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!  Ephesians 4:13

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