Martha Jane Anderson

God is good and His abundance surrounds us with our family, friends, flowers, birds, stray cats, foster dogs and yard plantings that are growing faster than we can trim! All the trees on Rosie’s Row at Neville are making it because of God's gift of too much rain!

One of my favorite prayers is from the Potpourri Book Club. It ends with  "Oh Lord God let us forget not to be KIND."  One of the most hurtful things we can experience in life is to be ignored or forgotten by those we love and whom we think love us, especially old friends.  So if we need to check in with a friend or two, let's do it now or this week! Let's treat our family and friends right up there with our pets... There is something about our pets not talking back and saying what they really think to us or what we perhaps don't want to hear, that makes them so special!

They are smiling at us even when we are goofy as they wag their happy tails!

Allison Upshaw Mead, Elyse Barraza and home hostess, Kathy Johnston Patrick, had a fabulous afternoon party in Kathy's luxurious River Oaks home with decor all in soft cream for the Potpourri  Book Club.  The food was fabulous and Bill Patrick's media room, with a full wall-size TV screen, is amazing! Dr. Mike Cage reviewed Rick Atkinson's first book, “An Army at Dawn,” from the World War II Pulitzer Prize Trilogy. Thanks Mike for an outstanding review and what a treat for all!

We are excited that John Clay Reeves graduated from Rice and is seen in the photo standing by the Rice baseball All-American wall on which his name is carved in stone!  He was a great catcher whose career ended with a hip injury. He has a super job in Houston, the place he calls his new home! Congratulations to all the Reeves family!

Crossroads Garden Club had a great night at the Stuart Avenue home of Judy Moore. The home is newly refurbished inside and just amazing and comfortable! Judy and sister Kathy Schendle selected an antique painted breakfront that should be on the front of Veranda Magazine.  Guest speaker was the talented Master Gardener, pretty blonde, Nancy Sandel, who did an amazing presentation in spite of having her home flooded. On one of the dining tables, Judy placed two small green wooden Chippendale inspired boxes with fresh coral colored hybrid begonias. It was simple but so pretty! The menu included chips and salsa, Kathy's white chili with hominy and chicken, slaw, and fabulous black olive and cheese on toasted bread from Marianne Wilcox,  wine and Sharon West Brown's desserts that were just perfect: frosted brownies, pecan bars and shortbread cookies with thumb print chocolate icing like those from Bond's Bakery days... divine!

Congratulations to Tri Delta members for colonizing a new sorority chapter at Louisiana Tech! Lillian Gentry's granddaughter, Anne Marie Martin and Robin Fincher were part of this initiative. Lillian is a fine person who does not talk negatively about people she calls her friends! We all need to follow her lead!

Let us be strong and of good courage. Do not be afraid or discouraged; for it is the Lord our God who goes with us. He will not fail us or forsake us... Deuteronomy 31:6

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