In the book of Galatians, God gives us attributes of Christian living. This is one of Dr. Frank Hoffmann’s favorite scriptures. The fruit of the spirit includes:

love, patience, joy, kindness, peace, self control, gentleness, goodness and faithfulness.

Potpourri Book Club’s beautiful fall invitations are in the mail from Carole Kilpatrick, Lillian Gentry and Shearon Henry. Our study for the year is "Disasters and the Lessons Learned." The talented Georgiann Potts will give the first book review, "A Sea in Flames: The Deepwater

Horizon Oil Blowout." We are trying to learn from history!

Noted businessman and philanthropist, James Davison, is being honored by his family and friends with a dinner on his 80th birthday at Squire Creek. Many thanks to Dianne and James who reachout to help others in need and in doing so have touched the lives of many. We are grateful to you, James, and we thank you.

We are so proud of Margaret Manning, who has just been elected to represent her class of 199 Law-1 on the Student Bar Association Board at the University of Notre Dame. What an honor and congratulations to the Randy Ewing’s and Clarence Manning’s who are the grands of this outstanding lady and fabulous student. Judge Wendell Manning and Ashley are the proud parents!

Beautiful invitations set the mood for a stunning afternoon party honoring, Morgan McGee of Harrisonburg, bride-elect of Thomas Reeves, in the Garden District home of Cathi French-Roberts. Old fashion white roses and ivy in a wicker basket greeted guests at the front door. White orchids and beautiful greenery were on display throughout one of the loveliest homes in Monroe. The vertical arrangement of small white orchids and garden greenery on the dining table took our breaths away. The master bedroom opens into a magical garden of fountains and brick covered in ivy. The back gallery is a gathering place for family and friends. The food and flowers were fabulous and Cathi created the venue and floral arrangements herself. Members of the wedding party including all the grands: Sally Hines, Sharon Thomas, Linda Reeves, and moms, Joani Thomas Roberts and Carla McGee.

The late Johnny T. and Dolores Johnson have an outstanding granddaughter, Ruby Friloux, whose mom, is Jill, at the Episcopal Middle School in Baton Rouge. She is extremely talented in vocal performance and has just been named a Penniman Scholar for her excellence in English. Her award will be placed permanently in the Hall of the Episcopal School.

Jordan Anderson Guillot, Pat and John Ann’s, Ray and Louise Guillot’s and I get to claim him also, has just been named to the Top 20 under Forty young business executives. Older brother, Rick Guillot, received the same recognition by the Chamber. They are fine men who put family, faith, and friends first following the lead of great parents, Jackie and Ricky Guillot.

Love the Lord our God with all our hearts, mind, and strength and love our neighbor as ourselves for this is the first and greatest commandment.

Sending God’s love,

Martha Jane Anderson

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